Lex Amor [@LexAmor_] is doing a ‘Mazza’

Young star Lex Amor has started off 2020 on great form with latest track ‘Mazza’.

You might not know the name Lex Amor yet, but you definitely will soon – and ‘Mazza’ is testament to her talent. Having been releasing music since 2016 as well as being a DJ and producer, Lex is by no means a newbie. She’s opened for Knucks, performed for Boiler Room, as well as on LOUDHOUSE so she has definitely been making waves.

‘Mazza’ is Lex flexing her muscles and ability and really just showing how talented she is. On ‘Mazza’ she explores the life she has been living and the life she aspires too. It mixes poignant imagery and social analysis with some more comedic elements. This balance is impressive to be able to pull off as most people will usually stick with one end of the spectrum on a track in order to maintain cohesion. Lex definitely keeps cohesion and her ability to weave a narrative keeps us locked through to the end. Her laid back delivery and cadence also aid this, even blending in some melodic backing vocals at points.

In addition, we need to give props to the others involved in the track. Melo Zed produced ‘Mazza’ and created a blank canvas that suits Lex perfectly. The relatively simple nature of the beat and its ability to lend to her voice help carry the track. It feels like if the production had any more elements they would have taken away from the focus on the vocals, and that can spoil the balance of any song. It is also nice to note here that Lex actually mixed the track herself so she played just as an integral role in getting the track sounding just right.

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I have high hopes for Lex Amor, from what I have heard of her she is an artist with the calibre to become a staple of our UK scene. She has elements of her reminiscent of Little Simz, but enough personality to make that comparison relate solely to potential. Based on the replayability of ‘Mazza’ Lex is an artist that can stand the test of time. Hopefully, she manages to catapult herself into the forefront of people’s attention this year and gets the light she deserves.

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