LFW Favourites ss19: DB Berdan [@DBBERDAN]

Written by Maureen Kargbo

A London Fashion Week Favourite, DB Berdan

In collaboration with Reebok, Berdan’s take on streetwear kept the audience captivated from beginning to end. Opening up the show with a short monologue, the tone was set as the young individual in the video expressed their progressive views on love and being free. The runway was then commanded by bold colours of pink, orange and blue and uniquely reworked designs; all confidently exhibited by models who dominated the catwalk with ease. There was also an great attention to detail in each look. Some models flaunted bold hairstyles with an excessive amount of hairpins and others with single pieces of thread wrapped around their heads. One of my favourites was the word ‘GODDESS’ boldly written across one of the model’s bald head, adding the final touch to the strong designs from the collection. The energy created during the show was unmatched, leaving the audience in awe by the end.


Drawing from her Middle Eastern heritage, Berdan told GUAP that the collection was inspired by the Greek goddess of love from matriarchal cultures in Turkey. The goddess is known to be prayed to before times of war for protection. These themes conveyed the designer’s wishes for the queer community. With a strong emphasis on self-expression and love, Berdan stated that she did not want her clothes to be ‘labelled’ and that her designs were for whoever liked them. She then went on to question the need for a label in society as it restricts a person from being who they want to be. 


DB Berdan is a brand which seeks to make more than just pretty clothing. They stand for individuality and freedom. The young streetwear brand is already making its mark within the industry as their clothing has already been featured in magazines such as Noctis and worn by the likes of Jorja Smith. Berdan is not too far away from her self-proclaimed dreams of selling a lot of clothes around the world. We wish you all the best, DB Berdan!

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Photo by Astra Marina

BTS Images by Karoliina Saunder
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