Show review by Jordan Archer.

what we wear introduces its third season to us, which includes timeless workwear and generation of dress code inspired by the everyday workers in London. The Collection as a whole is timeless

“If you go back 60 years, men like my Dad and my Grandad we’re defined by the job they had,” says Tempah, speaking backstage after his third on-schedule show. “We spend the majority of our lives working, from the age of 18 to 63, and most jobs require a uniform.”

Tinie took a really safe and strict take on the coloured used, safety orange, cargo pants and high vis reflective strips gave the impression of an offering created with function in mind. A hardwearing palette of khaki, grey, and navy also grounded the collection as one designed to be worn day-to-day, while the brand’s WWW logo also carried a double meaning; “as soon as you grow up its work, work, work,” he explained. but he also took an intake of sportswear and leisurewear which targets the younger day-to-day go-to dress code of choice. A lot of the sportswear elements was fused into a dressier version but kept the original body of it.

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A small but really impactful collection by Tinie Tempah, which he intends to leave a mark of identity and originality of his Label.

Photography by Chris Moore at Catwalking

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