Listen: STELLA (@stellibelli) releases new single “New Toy”

Coming off the success of her highly received single ‘Fumes.’ The San Francisco born, Singer /Songwriter STELLA returns to us with her cryptic new track ‘New Toy,’ derived from her debut album ‘Selfish.’

Influenced by a musical upbringing, the daughter of Latin legend Carlos Santana –STELLA, has no qualms on expressing individuality; She defies conventions with her adventurous music and style. 

‘New Toy’ is a more-than-fitting introduction to STELLA with her best work surely yet to come.  The stunning new single highlights the idea of people acquiring a new desirable object upon a glimpse of something new, Essentially highlighting the lack of appreciation we have for each other as people with feelings and instead treating each other like Objects / Toys. Like tongues pressed against clenched teeth, you can almost taste the depth of its texture through STELLA’s silky vocals over sentimental production. Unafraid of leaning musically into the darker side, this hypnotic track takes us on a journey through our forbidden senses.

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