Why You Should Be Listening To @Santandave1’s Six Paths

Clearly man like Dave watches alot of Naruto.

This year has seen the emergence of a very special talent that I think it’s fair to say we expect huge things from  in the near future.

A lyricist with the ability to bring his tales to life as though we too were present during his trials and tribulations. The reasons he and his friends must succeed and fulfil their potential.

Potential which lies beyond the confines of the “ends” and most definitely in music.

Words beyond his years, Daves’ intellect shining through the narrative of his past lifestyle choices and acute lyrical content.

At just eighteen the configuration of the six track project and individual songs suggest a real sense of maturity much beyond his years. Dave is visibly meticulous about the finer details of production and the story fitting hand in hand. Every detail has an important role.

Title track “Six Paths” we are met with the penetrating sounds of a violin. Dave self reflecting on his past and whether or not it was worth it. “Risking my freedom for what ? 2 2 kicks and a name brand top”. Equally however recognising the notoriety that comes with the lifestyle and the weight of what he was doing.

“Picture Me” as a package is the one track that embodies the tape and its concepts; both the video and the song itself showing the many potential routes Dave could have taken. The idea that these scenarios are not as difficult to get involved in as it might seem from an onlooking perspective.

However Music is what he chose. melodic vibes as he progressively becomes more intent in getting his message across. The tone noticeably changing alongside the introduction of the electric guitar. A demonstration of his intense passion.

“You can call me Schofield , why ? Cos I got prison in my skin but I won’t ever have prison in my picture”

“Panic attack”. Wordplay at its finest and my personal favourite. A track filled with passion and borderline aggression, meandering from real violence and crud talk to why music is more than just exactly that.
“With squares I had strikers but I’m more like Ibra over Vardy if it’s beef cos I hardly ever run” 
I imagine it to be a scene in a film before a life defining incident in the characters story (normally death). Everything manic around you but you’re in slow mo, revisiting your life.

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Wanna Know ; here is where Dave begins to flex his musical muscle. Straight in with the melodic tones (which includes the chorus). Comparatively lighter and more delicate production, it could be said almost tales of his success’ but still in reference to where he comes from. People and especially girls treating him different, ironically during a time when he feels the need to quieten down his flashiness.

 “Prada boy retired I don’t rock designer clothes. I put fourty on my H&M jeans and the rest came free, I told my mum I’ll give her everything I own”

Dave is accompanied out again by the electric guitar. This time in a more jovial manner, put into perspective in the Venice based visuals. Dave and his friends basking in the sun, floating through the city.

We call that sprinkling some sauce on an already crazy track.

Rating : 8/10

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