‘London’s Calling’ &[@skrapzisback] [@officialAvelino] [@AscoMulli] [@Drilloski_hs] [@ajtracey] all answered

Is London’s Calling the biggest collab since She Likes To?

On this one Posty brought together some of the most prominent artists from each area of London in a collab no one expected. Similar in ilk to She Likes To before it, London’s Calling has a few of the most relevant and respected artists in the game going toe to toe on a hard hitting beat. Travelling from ends to ends, the visuals are clean. Although, as noted by some, the way the concept was delivered does come across as a little corny with the phone call segments. But those segments did tie in with the concept of the different areas answering London’s call.

First up we have big boy Skrapz, the one and only holding it down for North-West. With his smooth delivery and hard hitting lyrics, how could we expect anything less than fire from Skrapz. Leading off with one of the most iconic pre-verse ad libs, Skrapz did not disappoint with one of the best, if not the best, verses of the track. It’s almost as if Skrapz felt no pressure being on a track with such big hitters – delivering like it’s just another day at the office.

Next we move over to North and have the young fire, Avelino, pick up the torch. The lyrical heir to Wretch 32, Avelino is time and time again proving why he received that co-sign. But even more than that he’s shown through distancing himself from his mentor, in terms of featuring each other, that he is a king in our scene on his own right. He consistently performs at the highest level, being able to seemingly adapt and create great verses and songs alike at will. Here we have the hip-hop purists verse of choice: lyrical, well delivered, and well polished.

After that we move round to the East for Big Mulli, Asco, to style on the beat. Here we get a UK rap veteran just styling on the beat. Typical rap tropes as well as a proud representing for where he’s from, Asco delivers a verse anyone would be proud of. There’s something about Asco that makes it seem like he’s one track away from really getting the credit and recognition he deserves. He already has the rapping and persona down, all he seems to need is the right backing and a big track to push him to new heights.

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Then we come to my home, South, with the Drill man of the moment Loski. Now this one was kind of a surprise. Not in terms of relevance or talent, but in terms of genre. Our first three heavyweights are out and out rappers, Loski on the other hand is Drill through and through. But that trademark slightly off kilter delivery serves him well even over a booming rap beat. Again another strong verse, made more impressive by making his unique delivery work with a beat that doesn’t sound like it should suit.

Finally we round it off with the West’s golden boy of grime AJ Tracey. There’s something about giving AJ the final verse on a track that brings something different out of the West London MC. Usually with a very easy listening kind of grime delivery, when he has to close out a track a beast comes out. It’s like all track he was waiting and had a hunger building, and when the track comes round to him he wants all the shine. He definitely achieved that as he has one of the most memorable verses on the track, which is impressive considering who he’s competing with. This verse is an absolute monster, and a rightful close to the track because no one could have really followed it.

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