A Look Inside The Gallery Of African Art (GAFRA) [@gafraart]

Tucked away in the rare tranquil streets of Piccadilly circus lies a hidden gem… the Gallery of African Art. The gallery opened its doors in May 2013 and since then have been dedicated to presenting the “best of 20th-century and Contemporary Art from the African region and its Diaspora”.

 The gallery aims to present established and emerging artists to new audiences within the global art market.

Gallery of African Art is the only gallery that solely exhibits Art from the African continent. The documentation of African Art has gained momentum over the past few years. But it still lacks platforms for artists to portray their work. Artists who have graced the walls of the African Gallery of Art (GAFRA) include Àsìkò , Nike Davies-Okundaye and  Evans Mbugua. It is important to have spaces such as the Gallery of African Art GAFRA) where young budding artists can come and see art from a different eye. Visits to exhibitions can expose you to new artists, mediums and ways of delivering your art to your audience. African Art conveys Character like no other culture .Whether it’s the concoction of colour or the sense of familiarisation with every piece. African art represents home. With the accumulation of western Art being at the centre of most Art institutions, GAFRA is vital in conveying that there is a place for African contemporary Art. It will serve as a substantial space in finding new talent from the continent but also as inspiration for young melonated creatives looking to explore art.  It is important that young black creatives know there is art that represents their culture and their history and GAFRA is a staple for enforcing this message.

Evans Mbugua Courtesy of the Gallery of African Art (GAFRA)
‘Àsìkò’ Courtesy of the Gallery of African Art (GAFRA)
Nike Davies-Okundaye Courtesy of the Gallery of African Art (GAFRA)

The current exhibition displays work from the internationally acclaimed South African artist Nelson Makamo.

His first solo exhibition in London Souls of Azania, highlights Makamo’s admiration for his homeland and its future dreamers – the children.

Souls of Azania focuses on Nelson’s passion for his homeland and it’s “future dreamers- children”.  It consists of vibrant faces and textured pieces that entice you into wondering what mediums he used to create this message on canvas. Nelson’s Art tells stories of his up-bringing in Johannesburg and his work captures a visual interpretation of his daily encounters. Collectors of his work include Fashion Designer Giorgio Armani and music star Annie Lennox.  Be sure to visit the exhibition running till the 9th of September 2017.


NELSON MAKAMO – SOULS OF AZANIA EXHIBITION Photography by Kelliesha White Courtesy of the Gallery of African Art (GAFRA)


NELSON MAKAMO – SOULS OF AZANIA EXHIBITION Photography by Kelliesha White Courtesy of the African Gallery of Art (GAFRA)


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The Gallery of African Art
45 Albemarle Street,
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