Look out for the next step of social media innovation in the form of Chune [@Chune_App]

This is one you’re going to want to Chune in for.

We all know about Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the many other social media platforms, but what is the future going to look like?

Well, look no further as Chune looks to be just that. Every social media platform has at a time had it’s own unique selling point, although now they may tend to borrow quite a bit from each other. Instagram’s was the photograph only aspect, Twitter was the character restraints alongside extremely relaxed acceptable content policies in its early days, and Facebook well we all know the Mark Zuckerberg story at this point. Chune seeks to join this exclusive club of coveted platforms by bringing together two of the most influential aspects of culture at the moment – social media and music.

Chune seeks to break into the market by connecting people not because they know each other or some complex algorithms suggestion but through a shared interest in music. Chune will connect users based on listening habits, and offer suggestions based on shared love of songs. The way Chune will know what you are listening to is that it will tap into the dominant way we consume music these days – streaming. Users will log in with either their Apple Music or Spotify accounts and Chune will look at the songs you’re listening to on there to work out who else also listens to those songs and ideally get the two of you interacting. Interactions can range from standard chatting to also sharing songs with each other which should help encourage you interacting with even more people, and more importantly putting you onto some new dope music that you should like.



Chune was born out of a simple love for music, but also of the feeling that streaming platforms are very closed off even though they offer the option to follow others. Instead, Chune seeks to bring back the nostalgia of the era of Bluetooth where the hottest songs were treated like gold and traded only amongst a select few lucky enough to have a song of their own to bargain with. Of course, Chune isn’t going to be so selective, everyone is free to share music as and how they want and there will be nothing stopping you from listening to any songs (except your streaming service provider’s library). The idea is that it tends to be friends & family, as well as those with similar tastes, that can give the best music suggestions and Chune seeks to put that to great use.

Just imagine someone like AbdiTV having an account, no longer would you have to wade through hundreds of tweets to see what he thinks the next big thing will be, instead, you could see it live based on what he was listening to as well as sharing. In future, it is also intended to offer verified accounts to artists in order to enhance that experience. You will get to see not only what they listen to, but also potentially gain an insight into what music has influenced them as well as what continues to do so. On top of this, of course, there will be an engagement aspect with the artist, and could even create a direct to consumer channel for artists, promotions teams, and influencers.

And don’t worry, just because I have mentioned AbdiTV or is featured on GUAP, this does not mean it will be restrictive to what would typically be called “urban” music. Founder Joshua has a diverse taste in music himself ranging from hip-hop heavyweights like Kendrick Lamar to the more indie Tame Impala’s and Foster The People’s. As such there will be something for everyone so just keep your eye out for it on your respective app store.

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