[@Loudbrandstudios] is Causing an Uproar.


If you haven’t heard of loudbrandstudios where have you been? The 4-year-old fashion label has soared to popularity over the last few days thanks to Kylie Jenner.

Supporters of the brand were outraged after Kylie Jenner posted several photos of her on vacation wearing loudbrandstudios’ Raw Edge VASHTIE dress but failed to tag the brand. She was chastised for not reading the room and crediting the small black-owned Hackney-based label with the current climate we’re in.

After being pressured over several days on social media she eventually tagged the brand on Instagram and retweeted them on Twitter.

Over the next couple of days loudbrandstudios saw their instagram following skyrocket from a couple thousand followers to nearly 50,000 followers.


Founder of the brand, Jedidiah Duyile reported all the pieces that were available to buy sold out on the site shortly after the mention from Jenner.

I first heard of the brand a few days before the Jenner fiasco watching influencer Melachild promote the brand on her YouTube channel, proclaiming ‘the branding is quiet but the pieces are loud’.

When you look at loudbrandstudios pieces you can see that not a single lie was told. The aesthetic of the label is timeless and sexy, modernising the ‘vintage casual looks of the early 2000s that inspire their designs. For me what stands out the most is the refined colour palette of their pieces such as blues reminiscent of the Caribbean sea or the warm mustard orange tones and shades of brown influenced by Nigeria and Ghana.

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Even better, Jedidiah prides herself on the brand’s pieces being sustainable and ethical. Loudbrandstudios began creating pieces by recycling denim before turning its attention to womenswear with bold silhouettes.

The uproar caused by Kylie Jenner’s alleged refusal to tag loudbrandstudios which forced her to reconsider crediting the brand that then catapulted them into the mainstream is a testament to the power of social media. It highlights social media as a space black-owned brands can really thrive in and command attention. I look forward to seeing what’s next for loudbrandstudios.

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