‘Love is as Love does’ An Editorial by Terna Jogo

“To love well is the task in all meaningful relationships not just romantic bonds” – Bell Hooks

Love is understood and defined differently by everyone. However, one definition of love that prevails for me is that love is a verb. If you love yourself, something or someone you demonstrate that through loving actions. The world could always do with more love and I hope this editorial inspires you to lead with a loving ethos in your day to day life. Be a companion to someone who needs it, be affectionate especially with your friends, do nice things for strangers as well as your people, and eat together more!



Concept & Photography: @shooter_terns 

Photography Assistants: @shenellkennedy, Florian, @felixghallclose, @kathrynashley_

Creative Direction & Hair: @manwigs / @romansam

Hair: @carlyngriscti

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Stylists: @topeadesinar @ke.sh.a

MUAs: @kayz.mua @yoodimsum_makeup @kieramakeup @makeupbyanna_lumsden @siddhikodimela 

Talent: @contact.agency @3r.e.c @pumastica @monetmia @lemyang

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