[@LuviaMusic] is ‘Hunted’ on her new track

Brighton based singer songwriter Luvia is back with new single ‘Hunted’.

Marrying the raw attitude of Mazzy Star with the melancholic pop sensibilities of Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey, the newcomer has already been turning heads with appearances at The Great Escape, 2000trees & Liverpool Sound City.

Luvia’s haunting cinematic pop provides the perfect sonic landscape for her emotive storytelling. Her vulnerable lyrics tell the secrets that people are too afraid to share and new track ‘Hunted’ is no exception:

“Hunted has a few layers of meaning to it – the first addresses developing and growing as a person. The character starts off quite young and naive. Left to her own devices and ‘grows thorns’ through her life making mistakes. She then becomes older, ‘the lion as she hunts’ which represents how life has affected her. Becoming fierce and is trying to fill her life up with crazy experiences in order to learn from them and to excite herself. It deals with the extreme highs and lows of life, the desert being the low part and the rain and flood in the chorus being the highs. It brings out a crazy and manic side of her. Each time she finds that she’s more and more developed. Going from the rose to a lioness.”

Its accompanying video presents these ideas in visual terms, with Evan Galeano explaining: “I wanted to explore the themes of isolation present in the lyrics. We juxtapose Luvia’s traversal through a barren. Almost alien desert with projector images that flicker in and out in a confined space. Luvia’s isolation is a form of growth, a decision to forge her own path. At the end of her journey, she climbs atop a mountain and rediscovers civilisation on her own.”


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