Luxury Black Brands To Root For

We’ve been hearing alot about all the brands we should be boycotting, some of these brands we shop at regularly or look to for inspiration and have supported in some way. It will be hard to let go but if there’s anything we can do right now, its learn and do better . Acting on the new information we now have and pass it on. That’s our duty as human beings trying to deal with a human rights issue.

Seeing how valuable it is to grow the black economy and support the communities who include and reflect us, many platforms have been providing black-owned alternatives for people to support. Not only is it about support but also recognition, there are so many black designers who are providing conscious clothing, innovative design technology whilst also sending across a positive message, these are the brands we should look to grow to become the next Gucci and Valentino. While not every white company is racist and many also send across positive messages, we are at a time where supporting black-owned businesses where black people are being hired and being given equal job opportunities, is a priority. Choosing to shop at black-owned businesses is also activism we need money for change and we have seen time and time again how wealth can create power.

Here are some of black owned fashion brands we should be rooting for to become the next big thing.

Daily Paper

Off white 

Pyer moss 

Kenneth Ize 



Christopher john rogers 

Bianca Saunders 

Ozwald boateng 

The ugliest

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