lveMUSIC. | Landel – ‘Beanie’

This week on lveMUSIC. we have Birmingham’s mellow mic man Landel performing ‘Beanie’.

Landel is one of those artists that lveMUSIC. was made for, despite having an abundance of talent there wasn’t really a popular live session platform that suited his style. Now that he’s been given the chance though he proves why he should be a name on your radar as he floats between laid back rap verses and husky tinged melodies that are uniquely his own. On ‘Beanie’ we hear that blend as he discusses everything from the mundane like waking up, to writing songs before moving on to discuss women. It’s here that we get to see the more playful side of Landel as he walks the line of being cheeky without ever going too far in what he’s saying.

If you didn’t know Landel before, you’ll definitely be paying attention now.

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