M.anifest [@manifestive] Represents His Hometown In New Music Video for Single, Scorpio Flow

Words By: Matthew Griffiths

M.anifest drops teaser record “Scorpio Flow” from his upcoming fifth studio album.

It’s impressive when a rapper can get on a beat with little to no melody at all, and still sound good. It’s not completely unheard of – I recall seeing a Genius Deconstructed video where producer LilJuMadeDaBeat described how one day, Megan Thee Stallion came into the studio, said “I need a beat with no melody”, and then walked out. What would seem like an easy day’s work for the producer then makes room for the artist to play with intricate flows, or just to put more emphasis on them and their voice.

Ghanaian rap star M.anifest’s new release and music video, entitled “Scorpio Flow”, follows suit in terms of the subtle use of melody in its instrumental. There is a very simple bassline, but the track is largely percussive, which doesn’t prevent it from being a head bopping rap anthem. Produced by Drvmroll, who has worked with Burna Boy, Sway DaSafo and Frisco, with arrangements and co-production from Rvdical The Kid (Tems, Amaarae, Kojey Radical), M.anifest’s voice growls over the organic rhythms with strong confident delivery, skippy flows and light-hearted wordplay.

The music video was filmed in Madina, Ghana, where he grew up, and has a very home-like feel to it. It’s not necessarily a home-made vibe, but more of the impression that we are getting to see M.anifest among his local people. There are portrait shots of individuals gazing into the lens, standing nowhere particularly special – in front of walls, standing in an alleyway and in front of a gate. It reminds me of the sort of imagery you saw from early dubstep artists, who were putting across the message that “this music doesn’t just represent me, but also the state of my surroundings”. Of course, a huge difference is that Madina and M.anifest’s video overall seem to evoke much more positivity and vibrance in their surroundings, rather than the more drab, grey nature of UK dubstep press shoots. Colours are popping everywhere – there’s even a bright yellow school bus, along with some colourful fashion shots to match a lyric about M.anifest’s fashion sense.

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With his fifth studio album, Madina To The Universe on the way, “Scorpio Flow” is an unexpected treat for fans –

“the album was already done when ‘Scorpio Flow’ was recorded. It was supposed to be a random freestyle but it felt so immediate and an important addition to the album. It’s crazy it ended up as a single”.

M.anifest on “Scorpio Flow”

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