M1llionz [@m1llionz] is keeping an eye out for ‘BX19’

The man of the moment proves he isn’t a one hit wonder with new release ‘BX19’.

M1llionz work rate is immense, ‘BX19’ being his visual third release since January 16th. Most artists who have a hit on their hands, as he does with ‘HDC’, would let the track bubble and run it’s course all the way through. M1llionz is clearly not most artist’s. He seems to be making the most off of the buzz around his name by keeping it in peoples mouths with a stream of releases. Having come off of the back of a good showing on the big link up track ‘Year of the Real’, it’s good to see that even with this frequency he’s not letting the levels drop.

‘BX19’ has the same song structure as ‘HDC’ in that it is a no repeated hook affair leaving nothing to hide behind. This is a point that can’t be stressed enough but M1llionz is different with it. There are so many people in drill, and it’s so easy for people to get sucked into sounding like other people or what’s popping right now but M1llionz stands alone. He has the benefit of the Birmingham accent but even with that his cadence allows for delivery that I don’t think would be easily replicated, even by fellow Brummies.

On top of that his ability to flow on a track is incredible, not only will he switch flows at the drop of a hat he will do it effortlessly. Add to this that he will do so whilst maintaining high levels of clarity and often a level of skill that I don’t think he necessarily gets the credit for. He almost seems to be able to fit extra syllables into bars with the way that he manipulates his flows and it keeps things interesting.

Lyrically I still don’t think we even have the best out of M1llionz but on ‘BX19’ he shows us a few more glimpses of what he’s got it in his locker. He stays in his comfort zone of content drawing from the trap life, jail, and the roads. But in it, he weaves a story whilst simultaneously teaching the general public new information about it. On ‘HDC’ we learnt that it stands for home detention curfew, and on ‘BX19’ we learnt that’s the start of certain police licence plates. Whilst this formula clearly works for him at some point we’re going need to see a change in structure and see how he handles working hooks into his style.

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Production-wise Frosty does a great job of keeping things jumpy and different from M1llionz other releases without going too left with it. Visually Teeeezy C and Bills do a good job, it also seems like the production value on the videos has gone up as this seems to be the cleanest visuals to date to come from Brum’s latest star.

M1llionz looks like he is not going to be resting anytime soon so you will be sure to see more from him soon. You can also stream ‘BX19’ here.

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