Martin Margiela documentary ‘In His Own Words’ Releasing Officially In The UK On The 10th Of April

The designer who has been known for his anonymity and innovation designs has finally decided to open up and let the world know a bit about the man behind the crazy designs. Directed by  Reiner Holzemer and distributed by production company Dogwoolf, the Margiela documentary ‘In His Own Words’ will be available to view on-demand on the official site on the 10th of April.

Although keeping his face covered, Margiela fans will get a few flashes of his hands flicking glossy pages but more importantly, Martin Margiela will be opening up about his childhood, his love for fashion, where it all started as well as revealing why he left his label back in 2009.  A perfect watch to get some added inspiration and motivation during a time where many of us may be feeling discouraged and lacking the inspiration to create.

A must watch for aspiring designers, artists and creatives Check out the trailer below.

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