[@MartynEwoma] Pays Homage to Seven Inspirational Black Figures In Education On New Arsenal 20/21 Away Jersey

martyn ewoma
Photographer Martyn Ewoma reveals a 1/1 customised edition of the new Arsenal kit which will be auctioned to raise money for The Black Curriculum in collaboration with Sirens FC and Out of Office.
Model: Liza Bilal  | Photography & Creative Direction: Martyn Ewoma

Wearing the shirt, featuring the names of seven change makers, is Liza Bilal – recent Vogue 25 member and contributing organiser of the Bristol protest that saw the statue of Edward Coulston dashed in the docks.

The creative collaboration came about when founder of Sirens FC Morfo reached out to Martyn to work on a signed print for her charity appeal, which enlisted several contributing artists, who are football fans to customise their supported teams kits.

To bring the project to life, Martyn put together an all Black creative team of industry friends who he knew could illustrate the project perfectly.

In designing the shirt concept, Martyn said:

One football shirt is nowhere near big enough to showcase all the people who have furthered the scope of education on black issues, but they are particularly special to me.

Here’s why he chose these seven educational and cultural change makers to pay homage to.

An important voice in the U.K, unpacking the root of British nationalism and exposing the flawed logic of the xenophobia that permeates through mainstream culture.

Angela Davis
A crucial figure in highlighting how racism and capitalism are co-constitutive and continues to emanate hope and positivity for the radical generations she has inspired. 

bell hooks
A key figure for Martyn in understanding the intersections of race and gender, her seminal work on representation really helps to contextualise fashion’s endless cultural appropriation.

David Olusuga
A trailblazer who’s BAFTA winning work has widened the scope of Black British history.

See Also

Frantz Fanon
His timeless work on being part of the diaspora brings an understanding of self to all of us who are part of it.

Stuart Hall
Essentially the Godfather of Media Studies in this country in so far as the intersections of race and class are recognised.

The South London rapper committed to carrying torch for young black brits, empowering and inspiring us whilst giving his financial support to aspirational students, all whilst making absolute bangers.

martyn ewoma
Shirt design & shoot assistant Ayesha Brown

The auction for Martyn’s shirt ends tonight at 8pm.

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