Meet AIRFRO, the haircare range that is changing the game for textured hair [@Airfro]

Meet AIRFRO, the haircare range that is changing the game for textured hair [@Airfro]

Meet AIRFRO, the exciting new haircare range for next-generation curly hair.

AIRFRO is a brand-new, natural hair care range for multi-textured curls. Specially formulated for curl convenience, products are perfect for a speedy morning hair routine or after training to get strong hair game fast.

Founded in London, AIRFRO addresses the lack of products for multi-textured hair despite huge changes in demographics, male grooming habits, and the fashion of longer, curlier hair for young men worldwide. This young group is highly visible on social media, in sports and the music industry but no one in haircare was talking to them, until now…

AIRFRO launches with the first in a collection of time-saving, multi-functional products: 00.3 DFY hydrates, refreshes and revives curls fast. The Aloe Vera based formula is infused with hydrolyzed Honey to rehydrate hair, reduce static, soften and rapidly define curls. Grapefruit extract is used for its antibacterial qualities helping to reduce odors and eliminate an itchy scalp. 00.3 DFY is free from silicones, parabens, sulphates, and contains no artificial fragrances or synthetic colours. Use 00.3 DFY after a game, a workout, or between washes for fast and fresh curls.

AIRFRO is the first and only natural haircare brand designed for active lifestyles for textured and curly hair.

AIRFRO is not just for men but by initially putting them first the brand was able to identify a need in the market that curly and afro-haired women can also benefit from. Market leaders in men’s haircare focus on convenience but don’t meet the needs of multi-textured hair, as they are primarily formulated for straight, Caucasian hair with regular shampoos leaving textured hair dehydrated, tangled and hard to style. As a result, men with curls use women’s haircare products that do optimise curls but often have overt feminine fragrance, explicit female branding or require time-consuming applications designed to trends in women’s haircare. However, not all men and women can or want to spend this amount of time on their hair.

Research also shows that young people are looking for natural, sustainable alternatives and AIRFRO has made sustainability part of its DNA from the carefully selected ingredients to clever packaging solutions. The sleek aluminium bottle is both contemporary and sustainable, as it can be refilled using custom AIRFRO eco-pouches that are cost-effective and use 90% less plastic than regular bottles.

AIRFRO was established by Nneka Fleming (Founder & CEO) and Catherine Radojcin (Co-Founder), who have backgrounds in forward-thinking skincare, fashion, brand building and sustainability. With five mixed race sons between them, they know first-hand the needs of this demographic. According to Catherine, “My sons’ hair is completely different to my own, so I had to learn quickly what did and didn’t work. Without the right products, textured hair gets dry, tangled and difficult to manage. Nneka and I both struggled to find products that weren’t overtly perfumed (which the boys hated!), full of chemicals or were tricky to apply. We created AIRFRO products to help curls look great naturally, with minimal fuss.”

Beyond their families, the duo plan to be the authority on curly haircare for active lifestyles, while championing natural ingredients, sustainable packaging and campaigning against hair discrimination. AIRFRO launches at a time when mixed ethnicity is the fastest growing demographic worldwide and long-awaited changes to hair discrimination are slowly starting to happen, from amendments in legislation to modernisation of school dress codes. “AIRFRO is more than just hair care, it’s about identity”, says CEO and Founder Nneka Fleming. “We are a future-forward brand focussed on helping the next generation of black and mixed-race people celebrate their hair, identity and heritage through positive, authentic products and messaging.”

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