Meet more of the artists behind the Fixation exhibition by [@thewhogallery]

We explore a further three of the artists who were featured in the Fixation exhibition by pop up The Who Gallery.

The Who Gallery aim to showcase young emerging artists across the city.

A loss of control is central to any addictive behaviour

Cheridesign_ – illustrator

Cheri is a graphic designer and illustrator. She helped to design the artwork for the Fixation exhibition posters as well as have two abstract graphic pieces included in the gallery.

Richard Dixon – photographer and curator

Richard Dixon is a talented photographer from North London. He was also one of the curators for the Fixation exhibition and was inspired to create a project based around addiction whilst he was working in a betting shop.

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D Gorille – Illustrator

D Gorille is an illustrator and used acrylic paints to produce a self portrait for the exhibition. He also produces stop motion graphics and is the brains behind Domos Gallery Merch & Art which aims to merge the concept of art and fashion.

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