Meet KAIN: The Creative Duo Exploring Marginalised Experiences in Society [@thekainbrand]


Guest Contributor: Blessing Barode

Two young creatives Dessiree and Anastasia have birthed the platform KAIN which aims to break the barrier of expression between black women and society, first by exploring West African hairdressers in South East London. It’s an experience that is a central part of growing up as a young black girl, and with the culture of our communities slowly being watered down, it’s important to shed light on those who may be affected by these changes. 

When I think of Peckham I am reminded of a place that rings with vibrant sounds of buying and selling, endless rows of hair and nail shops tightly jammed together with the odd tumbleweed of hair extensions that has made an escape into the streets.

A place where I always leave satisfied, eyebrows freshly done and a new tub of hair gel that looks like it could last me a year but boss man knows I’ll be back soon. When I think of hairdressers, I think of self-care and confidence reintroduced with every fresh lock of hair firmly entwined with my own. I think of nurture spilled into my roots from Aunty’s hands that have parted hair from all walks of life. 

For a lot of us, there are places like these scattered across South East London and as the level of gentrification continues to rise, there is the question of how this may affect independent businesses built from the ground up. Many of these business owners are first-generation immigrants that have used their skills to sustain a life for themselves and have also become an important part of what makes up the community.  

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Guest Contributor: Blessing Barode

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