Meet Menace [@menacegotbeats] producer of ‘Panda’. He’s young and he’s from Manchester



Shannie: Hey Menace, how old are you?

Menace: Hey I’m 22 years old


Shannie: Your Real name is Adnan khan? Where did Menace come from?

Menace: *chuckles*  if i’m honest Menace came from high school, they use to call me that because i was a little bit of a troublemaker and my friends started calling me menace


Shannie: How did you first get into music?

Menace: I got it from my family, my dad mostly. When he played his music he would play this tape he had in the morning. The greats like Micheal Jackson and i was more into the background music like the production. I had an mp3 i use to listen to beats on. Now i’m just making my own beats, but i would say 2 years ago i started to do it seriously.

After college i was making beats and i had a 9-5 but as soon as i got in from 6-12 i was making beats and i was getting money coming in by selling my beats too.


Shannie: What was it that gave you the idea to start making beats?

Menace: Music just use to relax me and it  was therapy in a way it would just lift my mood


Shannie: Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?

Menace: Yeah thats right… I’ve always had a dream and now it just came to reality if i’m honest


Shannie: Do you have any idols you look up to?

Menace: My inspiration is my family – they drive me to work even harder that’s it really.


Shannie: What is your favourite genre of music and why?

Menace: I love all sorts of music, everything club, dance, classical or soul music because i can just get inspired by anything.


Shannie: Have you considered doing anything else but music as a career?

Menace: I love cars and the engine and how it works. The shape and design i love it i would be an engineer if it wasn’t for music


Shannie: Oooo that’s interesting, Okay now let’s talk about Panda, what inspired the beat Panda?

Menace: I’m a big comic fanatic, especially batman and i got inspiration from the character Joker. I was listening to the scores of the dark knight. It was just a dark sound and the joker was my inspiration at the time.

Shannie: How did desiigner or his management find you?

Menace: The way panda came around i didn’t even know who desiigner was, and on twitter someone tweeted me to check it out and i seen that someone had used my beat but i didn’t know who designer was when he initially bought the beat. This was in november 2015 but i only seen it and found out in 2016 January.


Shannie: Describe the feeling you had when Panda was number one in the charts?

Menace: Tbh i was in a state of shock i just honestly thought it was a throw away beat. All the rest of my beats had millions of views this one had like 10 thousand views but this is what made me.


Shannie: When did you first here it on the radio?

Menace: I actually first heard it in a club in Manchester, not even radio ha!


Shannie: How did you feel?

Menace: I was like this is a good look i wasn’t sure that it was gonna be this big but now i’m like billboard nominated like that’s on top!!

Like even Kanye  sampled it on Life of pablo – and it became grammy nominated because of that album it was called’ fathers search my hand part 2’


Shannie: For the people you don’t know and then they find out it was you who produced Panda, what is their reaction?

Menace: This happens all the time but i just remain calm and see people’s reaction to the song i don’t like bragging about myself so i leave it.


Shannie: How much has your  life changed as a producer since panda?

Menace: I’ve signed a deal and i’m going to America for the first time now i’ve finally got this visa sorted. My publisher, manager and lawyer they flew over and signed me so now i’m about to change my life, really.


Shannie: Well congratulations! What are two facts about yourself you want the world to know?

Menace: I just want everyone to know that i was making music for fun now i’m grammy nominated. I also want them to know i worked so hard and didn’t give up, so just never give up on anything!


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Shannie: That is really inspiring but i’ve gotta ask, at this stage how much credit does the producer actually get?

Menace: It just depends on who you are but if you’re up and coming you don’t get the publicity the artist gets it. But if you’re like people like metro or something people know who you are. But i know i’ve gotta build myself so it’s cool next time i know i’m gonna make another hit and right now i’m working with lots of artists.


Shannie: Really like who?

Menace: In America i’m trying and hopefully going to be in the studio with the likes of Rhianna and Beyonce But DJ khaled has asked for my input on his next album and desiigner wants to work with me again.


Shannie: So Lit! Do you prefer the U.K or America, and why?

Menace: Well tbh i like both i’m working with nines and just did some stuff on his new album so i’m all about my own country but when i go to America i wanna be successful but i wanna do something for my own country because this is where i’m from you know what i mean.


Shannie: Yeah defo, Are there up and coming projects we should know about?

Menace: Well everything is just out there and i’m so busy so you’ll find out and see if i’m honest.

However I am doing some stuff at the moment that’s being sent to  Zayn Malik, Chris brown and August Alsina.


Shannie: Is there anyone out there you haven’t worked with yet but would like too?

Menace: Well from the UK i really wanna work with Skepta because he’s got the UK scene on lock right now but in America, 50 cent who is a hard man to get hold of |*chuckles* and also Dr dre.


Shannie: Have you got any advice for any bedroom producers out there or musicians tryna get into the game?

Menace: Yano what Invest in your craft and that’s the best thing i ever did put money into something that can generate money. Although it’s risky keep doing it!!


Shannie: Thanks so much, this has been so dope and GOOD LUCK!


Guys follow Menace on all socials and look out for him he’s coming for you twitter and instagram

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