Creative Director Robert Jesse [@robertjesse_] On His Fashion Label PRSNL.HOBBY [@prsnl_hb] and The Latest Infinity Wear Collection

If you haven’t heard of Robert Jesse let me give you a brief introduction into the fashion designer and atelier: Robert Jesse is the founder of fashion label PRSNL.HB which stands for personal hobby.

Transforming interests such as Marvel Comics into ideas he brings to life through his tailored utilitarian garments, Robert Jesse’s colourful mind is inspired by household names like Ozwald Boateng and Joe Casely Halford to create understated, distinctive pieces for the creative professional.
Photo by Shane Duncan

When I arrive at Robert’s studio in South London, I am met by him dressed effortlessly in a tailored all black ensemble. He leads me to his studio, which immediately strikes me as a peaceful haven where he goes to create his pieces – he has a playlist that is softly emitting neo-soul and hip hop sounds, a couple of which I am compelled to ask him to put me on to.

Whilst we are waiting for our videographer to arrive we chat about his Infinity Wear collection which was inspired by Marvel Comics Infinity Gauntlet series and birthed during Quarantine.

As a result of being confined to his home with limited resources, the only material Robert had plenty of access to was Calico, which is woven from cotton to make rough fabric that designers most often use to flesh out their design ideas, but Robert had different plans for it.

Deciding to get crafty with some dyes and the calico, which is the perfect material for dyes as they work best on material that is 100% cotton, Robert dyed the material by hand to create a range of beautiful hues. Using a military M-1965 field jacket silhouette combined with colours such as Crimson, Graphite and Citrine produced the Infinity Wear collection which is exceedingly functional and stylish with a nostalgic feel.

As well as being a fashion designer, Robert is an atelier making bespoke pieces for clients and providing tailoring services as well as working with emerging brands and assisting startup entrepreneurs and designers in the production process.

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Watch our full conversation below:

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