Meet the Nike [@nikelondon] trainers impacting the youth through sport

Through passion and heart felt desires to change the narrative, representation and inclusion of people of colour, there are three game changers paving the way for a new outlook into the fitness sector. Sharing in common the frustrations of limitations, acceptance and love of sports, Courtney Fearon, Joelle D’Fontaine and Kim Ngo open up about their journey and what it was that motivated them to help others. 

Authentic in their craft, each trainer is an entrepreneur in their love for a better lifestyle by changing the rhythm of fitness one step at a time. Courtney Fearon is a strength and conditioning trainer who has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, training the likes of Mabel and Naomi Campbell, his mission is to achieve diversity in sport and training for young men of colour. 

Switching up the tempo, Joelle D’Fontaine is a gay man of colour who as well as being a Nike trainer is also a trained dancer, starting at ‘Your Beat in London and NYC’. His ambition is to spark up the conversation around improving mental health through training and get young people moving in the City.

Kim Ngo is redefining the way women see sports and feel belonged. Her drive to create a fitness community is how the platform ‘Food and Lycra’ was born and motivated her journey to become a PT and Trainer.

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Three stories unfolding and touching the lives of current and future generations. Feed from the hunger to be better for yourself and just do it.

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