Meet The Woman Behind The Cultural Thermometer For Diasporic African Youth

Diaspora is defined as individuals from one original country to other countries, platform EBUTE is described as a cultural thermometer which measures this for African Youth. Founder, Juliana Olukitibi a British Nigerian multi-disciplined creative has recently been exploring the digital developments and cultural shifts within society. A current MA student in Global Media and Postnational Communications at SOAS University, Juliana has created a platform which specialises in selective re-education. The platform has developed a series of outstanding immersive workshops, discussion-led events which explore various aspects of the economy within African diaspora. We had the opportunity to catch up Juliana to gain and understanding of her inspiration, and where she looks to take EBUTE in the future. We caught up with Juliana to gain an understanding of her motivations behind EBUTE.

“I felt like I was having conversations about social economic development, in pockets with different types of people. I noticed there was not a lack of knowledge, there just had not been a facilitator to bring this conversation to the forefront. However, if there were they tended to have a focus on the American Black experience, or the narrative gets drowned out due to clout on social platforms with little evidence. I decided to come together with my first panel discussion, to trigger people when discussing black issues. I asked everyone to identify their nationality, prior to walking into the event and split everyone up based on nationality. This way I gave people the opportunity to speak from their perspective, rather as a collective; as every black experience is different.”

Coronation Of The Kin. (Art direction and photography by Stephanie Nnamani, set design and production by Christina Nwabugo).

EBUTE strategically works with influencers and organisations with a strong presence in Africa, giving the platform visibility. This gives the platform the opportunity to bring new perspectives on how to strengthen knowledge and culture ecology of African diaspora. In addition to the education piece, EBUTE also offer a bespoke communications service in research, content and brand activation which aids to the re-education objective objectives of the platform.

“There is a lot coming soon, we shall be hosting a launch party which will lead onto many other things. We shall be providing rich content, content that is visually pleasing alongside valuable to the community. EBUTE serves a cultural thermometer, so let’s really measure the heat and turn it up! Since this year marks 400 years of slavery, let’s kick it up a notch.”

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(Photo from Face Hunter Case Study)

Juliana looks to bring more research to the forefront, seeking to highlight the importance of strengthens one knowledge on African Diaspora. EBUTE has produced amazing content on Afropunk, Face Hunter and Coronation of The Kin which showcases the value of the platform. Click here to also watch panel discussion Black & Digital hosted by EBUTE which explored the new intersectionality’s of social media. Be sure to follow EBUTE on socials, to keep up with their amazing projects ahead.

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