Meet Tidal’s newest star BZZY [@BizzyCrook]

Article by Georgia May [@georgiamayuk]

Tidal’s latest rising star, hip-hop artist, BZZY (FKA Bizzy Crook), has just released the visual for his debut single, “If You Only Knew” ft. Lloyd,. This is part of his larger creative project, A Part of Everything, available exclusively on TIDAL. The Miami born’s work was inspired by Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist and documents his experience of both fortune and adversity in forging his musical career.


  1. I read that, A Part of Everything was inspired by Paulo Coelhos book The Alchemist, what was it about this book that inspired your work? How far into reading the book did you decide to write the song? 

I spent about 6 months recording music, trying to figure out the direction for the next

project. I was lost. Coming off my last LP, ” No Hard Feelings” which opened a few doors

for me, I felt like I hit a wall. I was touring, videos on MTV and BET, making Money from

shows, and then it all kind of came to end, like ok its time for the next chess move. The

pressure from that alone, and my mom calling everyday asking how the music was going,

long distance relationships all started to take a toll on me. Thats when I read The Alchemist.

Then I finished it and read it again. Then again. Then it changed my whole perception. It

made me think its okay to be lost. This part right here is all a part of my journey. So I spent

the next year going through situations and writing songs about it and before I knew it I

recorded way too many songs for A Part of Everything. The song “Journey” which was

the intro was actually the last song I recorded.



  1. Can you talk about the inspiration for the video  “If You Only Knew, did you have an idea of the kind of music video you wanted to shoot as you were writing the song? 

If You Only Knew was inspired by the cover of this underground British magazine from the

70s called OZ. The OZ was all about sex, psychedelics, freedom and rock& roll. Me and

boy were scrolling through covers, and sent me a cover he sent me this one with this guy

and these 4 naked girls, that looked like they just came off the best trip of all time. We were

like lets flip this!


  1. GUAP is The Worlds First Video Magazine, so focusses on video content. Your music video clearly compliments the content of the song and clearly conveys the meaning. How  important do you consider music videos for music artists in general? Often with budget cuts lyrics videos/animations are used, what do you think about this?

I grew up in the 90s and early 2000s where the videos were just as good as the song, and

sometime even better. You had Busta Rhymes, Eminem, HOV, Ludacris, Ja Rule, those

guys had the best videos. That era forever left a mark on me, so when I shoot videos I act as

if I was in that era. I think creativity can go a lot further than a budget. Of course both are

important, but creativity is doing more with less.


  1. How was it Touring with Grammy-nominated artists Kid Ink and Wale? Is there anything about their work ethic/ performance you’ve been able to learn from? 

I am very observant so I make sure to learn from any environment I am in. I def learned a

lot from both of those guys. When I watch those guys perform I pay the most attention to

the crowd. I watch how the people react to certain things, what makes the smile, what

makes them laugh. Its inspiring to watch a fan because this person has so much hope and

faith in the person on stage. Its beautiful. I picked up a few things from both of those guys I

use on my shows up to this day. Ink is real laid back and you can tell he’s having fun with

every show. Wale is so vulnerable on stage. He was an open conversation with the whole

crowd, I think thats so dope.


  1. How is it being a part of the TIDAL family and in the spotlight as a TIDAL Rising artist. Have you found that this has given you a good support network and exposure?

Its an honor to work with TIDAL being an independent artist. They have given me 100%

support, and have allowed me to reach new audiences. Its having a major machine behind

you, without being on a major label. Definitely helps the mission. They are great, they get

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the vision and are fully behind it.


  1. On the topic on Tidal and streaming, what’s your opinion on exclusive premiers for streaming platforms? Do you think sometimes they jeopardise the democracy of access to music?

I think its cool. Its marks new times. A streaming platform is a huge machine, so when an

artist does an exclusive its a collaboration. Its that platform supporting the artist, and the

artist supporting the platform. Its a friendship. I don’t think it necessarily jeopardizes access

to music. Its 2017, these kids know how to get what they want. Usually its exclusive for a

certain amount of time so eventually its available everywhere.


  1. You performed on the TIDAL stage at Made In America in Philadelphia, PA which must have been a great milestone. Where’s your dream stage/venue/event you would love to perform at?

Definitely a milestone. I was always a fan of MIA, so to perform was definitely a moment.

My dream venue to perform at is The Miami Airlines arena. That’s a hometown staple.


  1. What are you most looking forward to in 2017?

I am looking forward to putting out the best videos, and the best music. Releasing a short

film, making new fans, and inspiring them in their every day lives. Making music to help

others in personal struggles. I am also looking forward to being more in the moment, and

creating more memories, and making this my best year yet.



  1. Finally, when do you think you’ll be coming to the UK?

I already put it into the Universe. 2017 Goals.

You can watch the preview video above!

Article by Georgia May [@georgiamayuk]
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