Menswear Brand Cedric Haughton Creates Androgynous ‘Beauty For Ashes’ Lookbook

 Today’s society provides a complex world to navigate for individuals that don’t fit societies mould of what is masculine and what is feminine and those that fall in between these categories. One particular issue that remains a topic of discussion is masculinity. Is there too much pressure for men to be masculine. Is masculinity inherently toxic? What really even is masculinity? The pressures men are facing to uphold the mainstream notion of masculinity is increasing causing more and more damage with statistics revealing the suicide rates in men are significantly higher than women much of this due to phrases such as ‘man up’ ‘boys don’t cry’ that leave many men unable to open up and deal with their emotions without feeling judged.

 Fashion provides a creative way for men to express themselves and convey different aspects of themselves that society perhaps isn’t so excepting of. Designers such as Cedric Haughton open up a dialogue for people to rethink their old perceptions of gender identity and sexuality. Cedric Haughton embraces both aspects of masculinity and femininity to create beautifully androgynous menswear. 

Founded in April 2018, Cedric Haughton was created to start celebrating and showcasing a new form of masculinity. 

For their first Lookbook titled ‘Beauty for Ashes,’ the brand explores androgyny in regards to menswear. Androgynous models are commonly used in high fashion brands by women taking on more masculine roles. As we are seeing the fashion world-changing and diversifying we are starting to see more gender-neutral clothing lines appearing in mainstream media, changing peoples perceptions as well as giving people the courage to be their true selves finding a community through fashion that accepts them.

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Cedric Haughton is a designer to watch. Keep an eye out for more of his work 

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