Join the final talk on mental wellbeing with Never Fade Factory and [@_Colechi] on Clubhouse – Here’s what you may have missed…

mental wellbeing
Over the weekend, we’ve had some great conversations and heard from a professionals who work in the field of mental health as well as designers, editors on more on how they keep on top of their mental wellbeing.

On Saturday, we talked about staying sane and finding yourself as a creative during lockdown on IG live with Creative Director and Dancer Duran Abdullah. Whilst on Clubhouse we delved into emotional intelligence for creatives during this unprecedented pandemic, especially during this year’s first fashion week.

“You have to go through many stages of experimentation, both as a creative and as a person, before you create work that is really true to you”

Duran Dee Dee

Jocelyn Yeboah-Newton, Mental Health Advocate, Psychotherapist in training and founder of creative wellbeing series Our Naked Truth, gave us some uplifting words on how colour can do wonders for how we feel mentally telling us “For me, fashion and style has always been an act of rebellion and an act of expression”.

On Sunday we spoke to Fashion Student Manuella Asantewaa on what it’s like to be a student during lockdown, especially with the lack of care and consideration that’s been extended to students by the Government, and how she is continuing to explore her creativity.

Richard Kolapo, founder of Womenswear brand Bamboo Razaq, also provided some insight into how a daily routine can be helpful to your mental wellbeing and how to break out of it when it gets monotonous.

“I have lots of different creative outlets and each one is my getaway from the other one. Expressing and experimenting with my creativity is key to maintain my mental health”

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Richard Kolapo

Today the conversation on emotional intelligence continues on Clubhouse as we look at solutions to issues within the industry that have and continue to harm creatives and their mental wellbeing.

Join us here on Clubhouse at 5pm and contribute to the discussion!

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