Contribution: Movie Posters Re-Imagined for the Age of Social Distancing and Face Masks


Jaws, Joker & Black Swan Movie Posters, reimagined as self-isolation PSAs

Contribution by Eric Van Buskirk.

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…”

The tagline to 1979’s JAWS II has become one of the most quoted and parodied of all time. Let’s pay homage to this Hollywood classic once again, with an update for today’s troubling times. 

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside (now that businesses are slowly re-opening and restrictions are gradually being lifted across the UK), it’s still super-important to remember that social distancing and mask-wearing are our main line of defence against COVID-19.

These posters for well-known psychological dramas and thrillers have been re-imagined by ClickStream, a content strategy agency, to help amplify public safety messages, but also to remind us that many suffering from high levels of anxiety right is completely normal.



“Put on a happy face mask”

Some of us feel like we’re putting on a mask every day. Pulling on a medical face mask before leaving the house each morning is way less exhausting.



“Even criminals have a sense of responsibility.”

The poster for “The Usual Suspects” amplifies the message of social responsibility and plays on the idea that we’re all responsible for each other. If armed robbers are responsible enough to wear a mask, you should be too!



“Don’t go out dancing”

Your town’s probably already “coming like a ghost town” and ALL the clubs have been closed down for weeks. You’re just dying to get outside and let loose with your friends right now. 

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But as this poster suggests right now really isn’t the best time for a house party. 


The King’s Speech
“You’re speaking engagement is now online”

We’re all getting used to Zoom meetings and hanging out with friends and family online. If you’re terrified by the thought of public speaking, maybe now’s the time to overcome your fears and practice on camera from the comfort of your own home.

Contribution by Eric Van Buskirk.

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