[@MrReeceWest] Talks RedBull, Creativity & Fashion

Crossing Fashion and Grime together, there is one particular MC who can do it to the T. Hailing up North London each and every-time, MC Reece West recently premiered his new single ‘Walk On Water‘ on RedBull and has been staying relevant ever since. Features on BBC Radio 1Xtra to having a familiar voice on Rinse FM, West has proved himself and his fans that he has a place within the music world.

Keeping consistent and the levels high, I caught up with Reece to talk about his fashion influence and creative brain when it comes to his music.

You’re very creative when it comes to visuals – is this something you think about consciously? 

I think there is a mixture between having a natural feel to it and studying it. ( I studied media when I was in school).

I’ve got a sense of how to edit and use photoshop. When I write I almost have an idea for the project itself, I’ll write the song and as I’m writing it, I think about the visuals – Like I’ve already got an idea.

The Saint P diss – was this something that you wanted to be memorable (the visuals)? 

With that video I was limited, as I didn’t have a proper camera, but I needed to do a video I was just reactive. When I’m passionate about something it’s all a-bit long and it wasn’t planned to be creative – I just made the lemonade with the lemons I had.

What’s your relationship like with Redbull like? 

It’s pretty progressive, I met them and used the studio for when I did ‘Grime-a-side’. I never even had a session with them before then, they now support anything that comes out. They premiered ‘Walk on water’ on their website and I did a ‘Swift 16’ – I’ve been doing a few things with them recently. 

I believe you do modelling, do you think that this has helped you with confidence when it comes to spitting bars ?

I still feel quite shy when I do my modelling, when I first started to do music and had to do press shots, the pictures started to get some attention and from that I’ve done some campaigns and again, I just made the lemonade with the lemons I had. It’s all me being myself, I didn’t decide to do it, I love fashion and clothes. 

What’s your favourite TV programme?


Your ad-libs, do you just say whatever comes to mind?

When I first started doing it in like ‘2015’ times it was me trying to put the ad-libs there. Now I’m in studio every week it just comes naturally. 

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You love your fashion – if you have three brands that you could collaborate with to make a shoe who would it be?

Nike, North Face,LV.

What are you most afraid of ?

Wasting time.

What have you learnt so far about being in the music industry?

I’ve learnt a lot, not celebrate your wins too much and don’t be too sad about your losses, don’t get caught up in the gossip and stay positive. 

Reece is one of a kind, mixing fashion and Grime together and being able to present it very well. I’m excited to see what he has in store for the rest of the year and hopefully we will see him on some billboards very soon.

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