Multi-disciplined creative director [@Moshoodat] shares her journey

Creative Director Moshoodat Sanni is widely recognised for her stunning beauty concepts across various industries. Moshoodat’s work consists of bold body and face paint which is impossible to recognise. Starting her journey as a Make-Up Artist her creative flair led to her work evolving into creative directory. Moshoodat’s client sheet consists of socialites like Diggy Simons, Yandy Smith and Amara Lanegra to name a few. Moshoodat’s mission is to change the way society views women of color. She also created “Moshoodat” – a series that landed her features with BET, BuzzFeed, Refinery 29, Yahoo, and the list goes on.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Moshoodat on her journey, continue reading for our exclusive interview with the multi-disciplined Creative Director:

How did you find it starting out within the industry? What tips would you share to those trying to gain access.

“I started as a makeup artist. Ended up doing photoshoots often and learning a thing or two on set. I realized I had a love and passion for it.Finally started creative directing projects and the rest is history.”

How does your values and principles as Mooshodat influence your work and thought process as a Creative Director? 
“A great deal! I believe in women empowerment! And black excellence! And I feel like it shows in everything that I do. Not just in my career but also in my personal life as well.”

I can imagine there has been a specific opportunity in your career that you were super excited for! What opportunity was this and how did you ensure you went above and beyond to meet the brief?

“Honestly every project excites me but some of my favorite moments were creating album cover projects for artist like AfroB , Yemi Alade , and Kwame Ugene. I also love being about to still do things in the cosmetic field I’ve creative Director projects for Iman , Juvias Place , Makeup Forever and so many more. But again honestly the small projects mean the world to me too.”

In the creative industry, I often see other artists be inspired by individuals like yourself. Inspiration is not an issue but I think it’s becomes an issue when inspiration is not acknowledged or work is simply plagiarised. What are your thoughts on this?

“Yes plagiarism is a big issue! It’s one thing to be inspired it’s another thing to copy! But I once remember taking a history course and reading about how Romans literally copied Greek culture to the T! Plagiarism has beeen going on for years and I wish it were different! The best we can do as artist is protect our art and have a good lawyer. It’s the name of the game. 
What advice would you give to those that are fearful of creating due to this and in what ways do other artists need to be mindful that they are not committing such actions? I honestly find myself in the position at times.

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Creating can become depressing when ideas are being snatched left and right! But! When you’re a true creative it’s in your bones and it literally kills you not to create. So you end up growing and learning how to handle and cope with the system we’re in. The more you stay ahead of the game the more successful you become. When being inspired take time to one acknowledge the artist! Or even involve the artist if possible. Two put your on twist on something you saw and you liked! This to me is the true definition of inspiration.”

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