Music and Culture Enthusiast Maxwell Adjavon [@MaxwellAdjavon] shares how identifying a gap within the music industry birthed his platform

Music and Culture Enthusiast, Maxwell Adjavon based in Accra, Ghana enjoys exploring new cultures and finding niche music within the space. As founder of iMullar and Convo, Maxwell uses both platforms to amplify emerging music in Africa and the diaspora. His goal is support emerging artists from the continent whilst changing the narrative internationally. Maxwell stated that “Africa is now” and how excited he is to be in a space where he can contribute to the curation of authentic stories within the space. Read more for our exclusive interview with Maxwell:

Tell us about your background, as current Editor of your platform was this something you studied for?

“I studied sociology, I had no love for reading and writing but they were my comfort most of the time. As a Sagittarius I love to explore and learn new skills. I self-taught strategy, digital marketing, designing and editing through reading. I loved to document so I think this what prepared me for this exciting journey.”

What motivated you to create your platform iMullar, did you see a gap in the African market?

“I saw a gap in real documentation of our culture especially with the emerging music scene. I was fascinated by content created by the likes of the Fader, Complex and more. Our indigenous platforms are deep in chasing the have made it and are missing out on the grass-root level, so I created iMullar to be the mouthpiece of the voiceless minority.”

Could you explain for those that do not know iMullar, the purpose and aim of the platform?

“iMullar is your definitive voice of emerging creative scene with our focus on music and the lifestyle around it based in Ghana. The platform is dedicated to showcasing exceptional talent from all around the globe focused on promoting the most distinctive new artists and original sounds, we are the authority on who is next.

We are Independent, Black and a young versatile creative agency with a diverse team that is passionate about music, lifestyle and popular culture, working together as a tight-knit creative unit to create high-quality content with a powerful cultural impact. Aiming to push the boundaries within the new media landscape, our YouTube channel is a testament of our media vision.

We recently partnered with Apple Music to bring our audience a perfect blend of genre and mood based playlist featuring the same exceptional talent from all over the continent and the diaspora right to their fingertips. Our partnership with Triller is also to help young artists take their marketing to the next level.

We are more than your regular music platform.”

What has your platform taught you about the African music industry, and what do you hope to change?

“The African music industry is filled with a lot of blockades and the only way to unlock your potential is to either have the right people with the right connects or have money to buy the service. The fact is the above is true and people have earn the right to get paid for whatever they do. The culture of “He is my boy, He will sort me out” doesn’t cut it! It is not quality service and does not get the job done.

Artiste and creatives should build a system, have a team, and develop it overtime so their work can reach the world. Our biggest problem is not our creativity, it is our ability to get our work out there and for it to make an impact! That’s what we’re lacking.”

What does the future look like, what can we expect to see from you in 2021?

We’re looking to finding more ways of optimising the potential of our platform through partnerships and more so we can be in a firm position to offer all our featured the necessary exposure. So, if you are out here and your vision matches the above, we are down to work. We are looking to launch our digital cover 2021 and move on to print same year or the next. You know where to find my team and I.

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