Mikai, Ramario & Fatima show us how they #SPORTTHEUNEXPECTED

Cardi B is the queen of sporting the unexpected: unapologetic, you never know what she might do next. I’ll bet you didn’t expect her nails would grow so long she could tie her Club C shoelaces without – literally – even lifting a finger though, did you? That’s exactly what she does in her new campaign with Reebok.

Just like Cardi B; just like Reebok; at GUAP we are fiercely individual. We also appreciate a good set of nails, so this month we set out to explore black British nail culture with three creators whose approach to life sports the unexpected every day.

Mikai Mcdermott – @mikaimikai

From a brief glance at Mikai McDermott’s Instagram, you’d think she was just a successful influencer sharing her beauty tips and fashion hauls on social media. Dig a little deeper and you’ll soon realise Mikai is a lot more than meets the eye; whilst getting her tips done at a female-run East London nail salon Shea’d Nails, we speak about her multifaceted approach to business.

“Sport the unexpected is to be multi-faceted” – Mikai

“It’s important to be yourself, to embrace your individuality,” says Mikai as her bejewelled nails set under the UV light. “Through my social channels and as the founder of beauty company CIPHER, I get to be a trusted advocate committed to serving confident, beautiful women.” As well as her business ventures, Mikai also runs a charitable project helping young black men and women navigate UCAS and gain entry to top-flight British universities.

Fatima Timbo – @fatstimbo

Social at heart, Fatima breaks the mould of being an average social media influencer; she has also just graduated with a First in Accounting and Finance, and is the definition of self-made. She’s also renowned for her dancing – and did we mention she’s a model, too?

Fatima’s aim is to change the perception that others have of individuals with physical differences. Sporting the unexpected to Fatima is to “break boundaries” whilst inspiring others with what you do. She talks about how her “bright nails express who I am as a person”, and is every bit as stylish and unapologetic with her colour choices as she is with her lust for life.

To Fatima, “my nails help me express myself without having to say anything.” Over the past two years her vibrant and bold personality has placed her in areas of endless opportunity. Believe it or not, the show Undateables was one of them: who would have known Fatima gets up to so much, whilst also securing a degree; but Fatima seeks to inspire, and isn’t afraid to break the rules when she needs to.

“Sport the unexpected is being able to go out your comfort zone, break boundaries and being able to inspire others with what you do.” – Fatima

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Ramario Chevoy – @ramariochevoy

Triple threat Ramario is a dancer, stylist and self-confessed fashion enthusiast. You’ve probably seen his work without realising it: he’s the talent behind the choreography of NAO’s ‘Saturn’ world tour, and teaches dancehall to young men and women from any walk of life. Ramario showcases his artistic flair through his creative direction projects, working with underrepresented Caribbean artists to bring relatable stories to life whether that be through a denim-inspired photo-series or longer- form content. “Being able to take something and make it your own” is how Ramario perceives sporting the unexpected.

“Eclectic, fearless and bold” is how Ramario describes himself – getting a fresh set of nails is a form of expression to him. “It’s just another art form,” says Ramario as he reps his Barbados flag nail design. Who wants to blend in? Not Ramario. Being fearless is his middle name, bringing his creativity to the forefront will forever be his aim, and we ain’t even mad about it!

“Sport the unexpected is being able to take something and making it your own” – Ramario

How do you #SportTheUnexpected – grab a pair of Reebok Classic Club C Vintage and let us know.

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