Nappy Head Club (@nappyhead_club): The brand celebrating natural hair through fashion

Started by two sisters with 4C hair, Nappy Head Club may appear to be your everyday clothing brand but their garments are part of a bigger movement towards the acceptance of natural hair textures.

Co-founders, Rachel Topping, and Rikki-Richelle aim to be “a source of information, tools and community” for all women and girls who feel shameful about or the pressure to alter their natural curl pattern.

The brand not only sells trendy, casual pieces but also features advice and information about products for natural hair as well as sparking conversations surrounding the whole movement towards acceptance of black hair textures.

They represent and reclaim the word “nappy” turning it into something to be celebrated and proud of rather than demonized.

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In light of recent events concerning H&M’s new children’s campaign where a young girl was scrutinized for the appearance of her natural hair, it is so clear that platforms and brands like Nappy Head Club are still so necessary.

Images from the recent H&M campaign which sparked debate concerning the appearance of this young models natural hair

To keep up with the work Nappy Head Club is doing to celebrate natural hair through fashion check out their Instagram and also shop their Spring/Summer 19 collection on their website. 


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