Natty Wylah [@nattywhynot] releases mellow track ‘4 Siblings’

Natty Wylah [@nattywhynot] releases mellow track ‘4 Siblings’

Natty Wylah pens an open letter of comfort to his family on ‘4 Siblings’

Natty Wylah is the North London rapper doing things his own way, and ‘4 Siblings’ is testament to that. An artist who puts a focus on his content having real meaning he channels all sorts of societal issues into his music, but all without it feeling preachy. Alongside his ability on the mic he is also a talented artist and graphic designer and actually creates his music’s artwork, as well as this he currently has a monthly podcast called ‘babbLe on..’ which you can check out here.

‘4 Siblings’ showcases Natty’s thoughtful lyricism in which he comes to terms with the siblings he never got the chance to meet. Though underpinned with themes of loss and identity, his impassioned lyrics and hip-hop tones carry a message of contentment. Speaking on the track, Natty says:

“It encompasses a blueness but also an acceptance, and finally a message of gratitude, love and comfort in that no matter what happens, it’s alright.”

With a full length project in the works there is definitely more to come from Natty Wylah.