Netflix TV Shows To Binge-Watch This Woman’s History Month!


Check out what Netflix has to offer this Woman’s History Month!

Still from Sex Education (2020)

Sex Education – The second season of this show has been the biggest highlight of Netlflix 2020 so far. Sex Education is set in the UK and filmed in Wales. With a format of an American teen show, Sex Education explores issues relating to intimacy, sexual identity and sexual assault in smart ways that educate and entertain. 

Still from Gentefied (2020)

Genetfied Gentefied is a new comedy on Netflix about the effects that gentrification has on a Mexican-American household. Set in the neighborhood of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, the action centres around three cousins who are scrambling to save their grandfather’s taco shop. Gentefied is a story that is close to home, especially for Latino & Black people living in the diaspora.

Still from Love Is Blind (2020)

Love Is Blind– Love is patient, Love is true but when the scripture said Love is Blind, who knew that it would be taken literally! These hopeful romantics are ready to get married, without ever seeing each other in person. By episode two, you hear a genuine ‘I Love You’ amongst a giddy pair. I won’t say I’m a fan of drama but I couldn’t wait to see how these love stories would eventually unfold. From quoting Beyonce’s Don’t Hurt Yourself to planning a wedding in just a matter of weeks. Jump on this surprisingly entertaining rollercoaster of one of the most bizarre reality shows I’ve ever come across. 

Still from Next In Fashion (2020)

Next In Fashion – If you love Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model this is show to watch. Eighteen designers from all over the world go head to head for the chance to win a cash price and the opportunity to sell their line on luxury retailer’s site Net-A-Porter. Hosted by Alexa Chung and Tan France, the duo keep things fun and light as we go through the journey of finding out who is next in fashion (cue the dramatic music). 

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Still from POSE.

Pose – “And the category is…LIIVVVEEEE”. Billy Porter is my spirit animal and he deserves everything that is good in the world. Based in 1980s New York, in the centre of the Aids epidemic. We follow the stories of the unsung heroes of the underground ballroom scene. We are invited into what was and still is a haven for black and brown trans and gay people. We are also shown the realities of an existence that is unfortunately so dangerous to the lives of the brave men and womxn who decide to live their truth. If you missed it on BBC Two, this is the perfect time to get your entire life with POSE. Available to watch on Netflix right now!

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