Netflix’s “Self-Made” Starring Octavia Spencer Tackles Black Hair & Privilege [@Netflixuk]


Netflix’s “Self-Made” is Based on the Life of Madam C.J Walker

Just in time for Woman’s History Month and self-isolation, Netflix presents us with a new tv series. This time based on 20th-century real-life legend – Madam C.J.Walker. Based in early 20th century New Orleans, a down and out laundry washer by the name of Sarah Breedlove, who would later be known as Madam C.J Walker, speaks to a crowd of black women with the same gusto as a Preacher saying their sermon.

“Hair can be freedom or bondage. The choice is yours”

Breedlove stands in her truth as she shares her story about how her “hair grower” product has changed her life. In this scene, Sarah – who is played by award-winning actress Octavia Spencer –  is not yet Madam C.J. Walker – the first female African-American self-made millionaire. But she is the honest voice of what hair means to black women and how it affects their life experiences for the better or for the worse.

In the first episode of Netflix’s “Self-Made” we are taken on a ride with a battle at every corner. We see Sarah Breedlove transform into a force of nature that will not be made to feel unworthy for what she believes she deserves.

Make sure you check out “Self-Made” and become inspired by the story-telling of the life of Madam C.J Walker on Netflix right now! 

Starring Octavia Spencer, Tiffany Haddish, Carmen Ejogo, Garrett Morris, Kevin Carroll, J. Alphonse Nicholson, and Blair Underwood.

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Directed by Kasi Lemmons and DeMane Davis. 

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