Never mind brain freeze…@iamTamaraebi might just give you soul freeze!

Guess who’s back? Back again. Ok, song done. It’s me.

After a brief hiatus I’m back to do what we do best here at GUAP and showcase those rare underground gems you may have overlooked or may merely not even be aware of. Thank me later, tis all part of the service.

Once upon a time in the land of Spotify I created two very special playlists, Slow Jamz and Soul Food. Now Slow Jamz is perfect for your obvious booty call-rub my back type tracks but Soul Food I carefully reserve for only the most intricate, tranquil tracks that give me something your average Trey Songz boohoo track can’t (Sorry Trey – PS don’t make a sad song about this).

This appetising playlist has recently had a new addition in the form of UK singer/songwriter Tamaraebi and his new track ‘Mi5 Love‘, I strongly suggest you turn the lights down low and kick back for this one.

The track discusses the taboo of being involved in a secret relationship, the drawbacks, dangers and excitement that all play a part in this precarious scenario many listeners will be able to relate too.

Enticing the listener with his unique vocal delivery, Tamaraebi sounds something like a mix between Maxwell and the relatively unknown Gallant, offering ice cream tones and croons that could melt even the steeliest of souls.






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