The New Dynamic Female Duo Mvngo and Lashes [@mvngoandlashes]

The Dynamic female DUO: Mvngo & Lashes

There’s always someone or something new on the scene, and this time there’s a girl duo that you all need to know. We had the chance to catch up with the females who are tag teaming right now and wanting to let everyone know there bout to F’ up the scene.

Shannie: Who are Mvngo and Lashes?

Lashes: The dynamic duo residing from the East of London. 6 years deep, building. We rap, we sing and separately we’ve done some amazing things, but we’ve remained together throughout.

Shannie: Who’s who, and where did the name come from?

Mvngo: I am a rare masterpiece of it’s own kind.

Lashes: A woman of substance here to empower each other. * Mvngo adlibs BRAP*  To be honest, we were already called these names, I had sent a bb round asking who wanted to collab and Mvngo responded and we just stuck together since.

Shannie: So what’s been happening so far on your journey, any specific highlights?

Both: A night with Mvngo and Lashes earlier this year which came around so soon. we also released our first EP ‘Soulution’

Mvngo quotes ‘And if the boy wants a solution tell him you need a soulution‘. Working on a new project with a producer called Wireless.

Lashes: Also mvngo modeling for my clothing brand has been a highlight (she says with a big smile)

Shannie: Who are your top influencers, especially the females who are in the game?

Mvngo: Lauryn Hill and J-lo that’s who I think really got me into songwriting.

Lashes: Biggie and Tupac. Ms Dynamite heavily influenced me. Like I remember wanting to go on stars in your eyes and I would have been like. ‘Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Ms Dynamite’ ** All Laugh**

Shannie: Why would you girls call yourself different?

Mvngo: We’ve just got a vibe, yano like a chemistry that’s rare. Friends and sisters from different misters.

Lashes: We just gel yano, we never plan our outfits, yet we end up wearing the same thing or something **laughs**. We’re both Leo’s too, we’re so similar and still different. It just works.

Shannie: So tell us what’s next?

Mvngo: We’ve got a project dropping on sound-cloud, kind of like an E.P but not exactly. It’s old school vibes. Loads in the woodworks.

Shannie: What’s the hardest thing you faced so far then in the journey?

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Both: When your genuine you think everyone else is. People letting us down and selling us dreams.

Lashes: It was hard to deal with at the time, but it’s made us stronger.

Shannie: Tell us what a year’s time looks like?


Shannie: Any advice to offer any new starters to the industry?

Mvngo: Perseverance is key. Soul searching and knowing who you are as an artist. You should learn to meditate- twice a day too.

Lashes: If you have something, stick to it. Don’t let anyone come before you and your dream.

Shannie: Obviously you guys have gotta give your shout outs, is there anyone out there in particular?

Both: Yeah… Big up God! Because without him we wouldn’t be here.
Yara- Manager, Edubz- Producer, Wireless- Producer, John Hockley- Engineer, Ashleigh Stunna- Stylist, Spacey black- Producer and Madz (sickabit) – events manager.

You can find Mvngo and Lashes latest project above.


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