New Find: Toronto’s Answer To Frank Ocean & His Name Is ‘Daniel Caesar’ [@DANNYixxi]

Daniel Caesar, a 19-year-old artist originally from Oshawa, Ontario (now based in Toronto), is an artist who is making quite a name for himself and attracting a lot of attention online and in the right places. Despite this, it wasn’t until yesterday that I randomly stumbled across his Soundcloud profile and after listening to just one song, I was sold.

After some research I discovered he had a few projects out there. After debuting his second EP Praise Break, the unique quality of Daniel’s sound — feathered R&B with tufts of rock, soul, and gospel against bright, opaque instrumentals seems to be sound resonating with many audiences.

Billboard branded him as

A new artist that’s bound to break out

while Noisey praised Praise Break, as

Classically good without being rigid.

In a recent Facetime interview with BuzzFeed he revealed some interesting facts about himself but before we unravel that, lets have a listen to some of his material. Above you can have a listen to song that initially got me hooked called “Streetcar“. Below you can have a listen to his latest EP Pilgrim’s Paradise:

What You Need To Know About Daniel Caesar:

He describes his music as a “collision of all the sounds I appreciated growing up,” but you can just call it: “new soul.”

Religion has shaped him as an artist, but he won’t be pigeonholed.

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He thinks Toronto’s music scene is “on fire right now” but still fighting for the recognition it deserves.

And, like other musicians from his city, he doesn’t think being emotional is a bad thing.

via BuzzFeed

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