New kids on the block [@rookiesldn].

Meet Paris and Aaron, the founders of Rookies. The 22-year-olds from South London are making a name for themselves in the London fashion scene, with their wavy designs worn by music artists such as Octavian OG and House of Pharaohs. With their creativity, skill and dope vibes, I’m sure soon people will be struggling to name a more iconic duo

Read their interview with Guap below.


So what made you start Rookies?

Az: We’ve always been into fashion. He was gonna start his own thing and I was gonna start my own thing as well. And I remember I hit him up one time and I was like fuck it, let’s just do this, let’s just do our own thing together. And we was pondering on the idea for a while, like names and logos and what we were gonna do. But then it all just clicked, and it happened.

Paris: It just fell into place man.

How did you come up with the name ‘Rookies’? What does it mean?

Paris: In America a Rookie is like a beginner; in like basketball or the police force. So we went with that name ‘cos we’re rookies in this industry. And we also like how it looks on clothes, it looks sick on clothes. That’s important for a brand.

That’s cool, so how did you come up with the logo?

Paris: The logo… I’m not gonna say it came from some sick place. Literally, I was on Microsoft word and I was playing on the laptop. I saw the two ‘O’s and I pushed them together, and they interlinked, and that was it.

Az: [laughing]

Who inspires you?

Az: When I was younger the biggest inspiration for garms was my dad. He used to wear the maddest stuff like, Moschino head to toe, army tracksuits, combats… So growing up I always appreciated different things.

So what’s next for you guys? Where do you see ‘Rookies’ heading in the future?

Paris: What’s next..

Az: Wouldn’t they like to know.

Paris: We’ve go a reflective pack that’s out now (see pics!).

Az: We’ve got tracksuits coming. We’ve got big things coming.

Paris: Spend all your money, all of it. Student loan everything.. Nah, I’m joking if you like it obviously.


Paris: But like Az said we’ve got the tracksuits, we’ve got striped tops as well… can’t give any dates for those, you just have to wait. But in the future we want ‘Rookies’ to be more than just clothes. We wanna do events.

Az: Just do sick stuff.

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Paris: Yeah, we wanna have a radio station where we play music that we like. Not what’s new, just what we like, whether it’s from 1872 or 2017.

Az: Festivals.

Paris: Yeah, that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Like a massive festival every summer, where we just rent out a park and people perform. And everyone just has a great time.


True to their word Paris and Az are holding an event this August, in order to celebrate the first anniversary of Rookies. With some very sick DJs and surprises on the night, this is an event you don’t wanna miss. Get your tickets here.







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