New luxury streetwear LIONEL: made with love, delivered with satire


Named after the founder’s Great Great Uncle – Lionel Green, founder of iconic British
brand Windsmoor, LIONEL is a new luxury streetwear label honouring his legacy by
designing well-crafted, high-quality, premium designs to spread their message about the psychology of fashion and branding.

LIONEL is instantly recognisable by their signature green stitch and satirical slogans.
“Fashion for us is about style and expression. It is not just having the most amount of money to spend on clothes. $500 logo tees are crazily overpriced, often just about the hype, and for this reason ‘OVERPRICED’ has become our slogan. Lionel’s garments are all produced with love in our purposely selected European factories ensuring premium quality” says Daniel Green, Founder. Read more for an exclusive interview with Daniel:

What motivated you to found Wear Lionel? 
“My family have been in fashion for generations before me, I have always been around fashion and had an eye for styling/design. When starting a brand I wanted to attribute it to my family past and it was Lionel Green who had the greatest impact on the industry. The brand also needed to make a point, Katherine Hamnett famously made the slogan tee about political statements, I want to make the slogan tee about fashion.”

Share more about the message behind your ‘Overpriced’ tee? 
“Fashion and specifically hype fashion, in my opinion has gotten way out of hand. You do not need to be able to spend £500.00 on a Gucci Logo Tee or an Off White Tee to be stylish, these are crazily overpriced and not accessible. Style is not about having the most amount of money to spend on clothes. The ‘Overpriced’ Tee is our way of spreading this message that your Gucci logo tees don’t mean you have style. Obviously some fashion pieces deserve to be expensive as there is a serious amount of craft and materials in pieces but for some pieces it is just about the brand. Brands have serious power over the consumer and we are trying to show this.

In what ways do you hope to change the fashion industry?
“Changing an industry is hard, especially an industry as established as the fashion industry. But if we can change the way one person thinks about fashion then we have done our part. We want fashion to be inclusive for everyone and for people not to think they need to have an unlimited pocket to look dope. We want Lionel to be a brand for everyone and one that is reflective of the consumers emotions. Most importantly, we want to have fun whilst doing it.”

The genderless label is defying conventional standards of streetwear fashion by producing ethical and affordable luxury clothing in limited quantities, designed to satirise the fashion industry while taking the popularised style of streetwear aesthetic across their collections. Lionel’s signature logo-fuelled and shape driven products include the White Lionel Logo Tee, Black Handwritten Hoodie, the ‘OVERPRICED’ Tracksuit Bottom’ and match baseball cap, using a fusion of opulent fabrics with prices ranging from £35 to £105.

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