New Red Bull Documentary Reveals The Process Behind The Making of @TeyanaTaylor’s Dream Show

New Red Bull documentary featuring cultural icon Teyana Taylor, gives viewers a glimpse on behind-the-scenes of her most ambitious show to date. Released on the 20th of February, the documentary titled Assembly Required: Teyana Taylor’s House of Petunia examines the creative process of Teyana’s performance at the Red Bull Music Festival in New York. The documentary shows behind the behind the scenes, working with a team of talented creatives, producers, stylist, choreographers and more in preparation for Teyana’s dream show.

During this documentary Teyana allows the cameras to capture the process of her show, taking into consideration the highs and lows of preparation. As a female powerhouse house, in a male-dominated music industry Teyana shares her personal experience within this space. Balancing motherhood, marriage and her career this documentary captures the emotional journey as a hard-working woman.

“I’m starting my own house. It’s gonna be called House of Petunia. It’s all my visions brought to life,” Teyana explains in the film. “The House of Petunia will be my most ambitious show to date. I’m extremely nervous because the show means a lot to me.”

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The 60-minute Red Bull documentary work with Teyana and her team, including her mother Nikki Taylor, her husband Iman Shumpert, Brand Director Carrington and Lead Choreographer Coco Gilbert. As they bring together the House of Petunia show to life, pulling back the curtain on what it is like behind the scenes of a dream live performance.

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