A Night with #TheKid [@OmarTKIF] Hosted by [@GMGroup_]

24th May 2017 will always be a night, Omar TKIF remembers. Why, you ask?  This is the night that #TheKid took the stage with “The gang” to give us his first headline show; Omar TKIF Presents #TheKids. The show was hosted at Birthdays in Dalston and what a show it was. GMGroup and Omar TKIF gave us a sold out show that was definitely worth while. Artists on the night included, Madz, Puffy Lowe, Society of Alumni, Larbi, Souls, BK Chat’s Riva and the man himself, Omar TKIF.  DJ Selecta Maestro was on the decks and the gorgeous Sia also from BK Chat hosted on the night.

Artists to watch and plug into?

Society of Alumni

SOA nearly stole the show the atmosphere was electric. The group aren’t new to the GUAP family and definitely reminded us of that nostalgic 90’s hip hop flow that to be quite frank, the game is missing right now. Listen to SOA and judge for yourselves.


What a great why to open the show. Madz gave us a teaser of what was to come and was full of energy and fire, the crowd had no choice but gather round and take notice. Listen to his latest track Neighbours Heard below.


Larbi definitely cant be forgotten. A special lyricist that gave us raw spoken word that was unfiltered and honest. Larbi performed his new track Work for your Money  and spread the positive vibes with the hook, “I can be great, you can be great, he can be great”. Check out the video below.

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We cant speak about the show without giving props to the star of the show himself. Omar put on an emotional, raw and candid performance and paid homage to those close to him who were no longer with us. His vocals and lyrics were as raw and as pure as ever and proved that regardless of the struggle’s that we might face in life, music is timeless.

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