Kare Adenegan [@AdeneganK] Prepares For World Para Athletics Championships

We caught up with Kare Adenegan as she prepares for Gold at the upcoming World Para Athletics Championships. Nike Althlete Kare shall be sporting the unique Nike FlyEase technology. The Nike Running FlyEase shoe is made for those that have limitations, making it easier for those that may not be able to put on their shoes. Read more to hear Kare’s journey, future goals and use of Nike’s Running FlyEase.

How did you get into sport and what sort of things did you do in school?

I watched the London 2012 Paralympic games, I was inspired by seeing people with disabilities do sport, and then I decided I want to do something like that. Because when I was at school, I used to wiz around my school corridor to see what I could do. Seeing people with disabilities go around the track fast I found that was something that I really wanted to do.

Did you try different sports, until you found the one discipline you’re in now, or did you did you know what you had a passion for?

I did a bit of wheelchair basketball before track. I did enjoy that but after a while I wanted to try something new, and obviously watching the Paralympics made me realise that there are so many different sports out there for people with disabilities to do, but I think it was the athletics that really caught my attention.

What has racing and sport in general done for you?

It’s done a lot for me! It’s given me a lot of confidence; I didn’t have a lot of confidence when I was growing up with a disability, sport just made me feel quite proud of myself, and it was nice to achieve something for me and nobody could take it away from me.

What issues did you have to face on your journey, and how has the journey been so far to get where you are now?

I have had to face quite a lot of different challenges, for example having to balance sport and school, I started wheel chair racing when I was 11 and I’m 18 now, so I’ve always had exams and training or school and training and now university and training, and that can be quite tough because a lot of my opponents are full time athletes. It is quite tough because I’m not in that position but at the same time I’ve tried to overcome that and do my own thing and use my work outside of the track help me to focus on track.

How important is racing to you?

It is really important to me, it’s an outlet for me as well at times when I’m stressed or have lots going on. It’s how I can relax in some ways, it’s something that I really enjoy doing. It’s great that even though I’m enjoying it, I’m able to achieve cool things at the same time.

What are your goals for the future, short term and long term, and what are your big dreams?

My main goal is to be ready for World championships obviously to medal, I’ve always got that big goal of gold in my head. And I think that’s really important to have, if you go into a race and you don’t feel like you want to win, you’re never going to win. So, I think it’s important to have that mindset. Long term, I have the Paralympics next year I really want to
go out and be my best with that. And see what happens there. Long term as there Paralympic gold would be amazing. If it doesn’t happen there there’s many other games.

What’s on your perfect training playlist, or do you listen to music when you’re training?

Yeah, I do I listen to all sorts. I listen to songs that will hype me up and pumped up. I listen to a lot of Afro Beats maybe some rap. Lots of upbeat music.

Any favourite artists?

I like Burna Boy at the moment, I think Jorja Smith is also quite good.

What are you most proud of in your journey so far?

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My world record that I got last year in the 100m. I also won my first senior gold medal at the European championships and that was so amazing for me, I have been racing for a while and had always been just slightly off the mark so to actually have a perfect race and to win and be on top was really special.

What does the typical week of training look like?

My weeks are quite busy: On Monday I’ll have gym, Tuesday is track at the moment, Wednesday is track as well, Thursday I might have a rest day, Friday is track, Saturday is road and Sunday is track again. So, it’s quite a lot, with gym and studying as well. It is busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy training.

What are you most excited by as you approach Dubai?

Just excited to find out what form I’m in, I’ve had such a long season, I had exams as well, so I had a bit of a break from training. I feel like I’m ready for Dubai and excited for the fact I feel strong and I feel like I should go out there and perform well.

How are you using the Nike FlyEase in your training?

Especially for world champs it’s important to get on the track quickly and get your session done and you don’t have to faff around with shoes it’s just something quick and easy and its important so you don’t have to overthink anything, it’s just one less thing to worry about.

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