NNB brings German and Benin culture together with ‘Postcards from Dahomey’.

Postcards from Dahomey NNB

Meet NNB, the Munich-based brand that aims to build a bridge with Artisan designers from Benin, West Africa.

NNB is the daughter brand to Noh Nee Benin, a brand founded by Rahmee Wetternich and Marie Darouiche, who wanted to help African artisans improve their technical design skills and give them the tools to be able to pass on the knowledge gained.

So they invited Benin seamstress Justine Tchilalou Payarou to Germany, where they live, to give her a professional seamstress training. Based on a train-the-trainers ideology, Justine became involved in the production of Noh Nee Benin clothing and was able to take the skills she learnt and train other seamstresses back in Benin – and from there Project Justine was born.

This cross-cultural pollination of mixing German culture and Benin culture led the nieces of Rahmee Wetternich to begin streetwear label NNB last year. Now NNB presents its first official collection produced in Africa: ‘Postcards from Dahomey

Inspired by a recent trip to Southern Benin, NNB discovered traces of what used to be old African Kingdom Dahomey. Reimagining what that might look like today, NNB reveal the editorial below featuring a nasalisation style NNB logo stamped on images of a regal African woman, bold, colourful patterns, graphic prints and mythological looking creatures.

The collection of two pieces, t-shirts and hoodies retails between €49 – €129 and goes towards the work NNB are doing in Benin.

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Postcards from Dahomey NNB
Postcards from Dahomey NNB
Postcards from Dahomey NNB
Postcards from Dahomey NNB

Photography Paolina Stadler 
Models Ainsley, Soyinka, Saadaq and Theodor 
Brand NNB

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