NOBHVR [@nobhvr] The Clothing Line Which Is Not Just A Brand, But A Lifestyle

NOBHVR is an up-and-coming clothing line which has caught our attention over the past year. The clothing brand caters to men and womenswear, ranging from hoodies to swimwear. The brand has successfully created a ethos which encourages consumers to be themselves. We had the opportunity to catch up with one of the Founders Poppy, who shares the journey behind NOBHVR.

How would you describe NO BHVR?
“NO BHVR is a lifestyle brand, with a core message of being ‘Unapologetically Yourself’. This is echoed in our tag line “It’s not a phase. It’s who I am.”

What motivated you to create your own clothing line?
“I have always been a quite entrepreneurial person. At the time I was working two jobs and was just biding my time until the idea for a business venture would materialise, and I was struggling to find clothes that I wanted to wear which were not ridiculously overpriced. My business partners and I all had our own style in fashion, but we were looking to create a simple yet bold statement clothing line to wear in all situations that represents not only us as individuals – but will give the customer a sense of our culture and lifestyle.”

What advice would you give to up n coming brands in the fashion industry?
“I would firstly tell them to never underestimate the value of your brand and do not shy away from trying new things that expresses your brand’s individuality. It’s important to make sure you have an identity and character you want your clothing line to portray and stay true to this. As it is the reason why customers who buy your brand will build an affinity with you and become advocates of your brand. You should always be asking yourself – Can I see the longevity in what I am creating? Lastly always believe in yourself and don’t let people steer you off your path.”

How do you juggle managing NO BHVR?
Over the past two years I have adapted how I manage the demands of running NO BHVR. Initially you don’t realise how many roles you need to cover: in-house Designing; Buying and Purchasing, Manufacturing; PR and e-commerce to name a few. I am lucky enough to have a team of dedicated people around me to help and support the brand as I couldn’t do it by myself. We all have different strengths and we’re able to cover various roles whilst also being able to overlap other roles. For example: we all contribute to design ideas and concepts, and it takes a team effort to make that idea a reality. It does get overwhelming at times so having the skills to work under pressure and be innovative are essential.”

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What can we see from NO BHVR in the future?
“You can expect to see a lot more coming from NO BHVR in 2020, but I can’t reveal too much at this stage. What I can say is we will be having a pop up shop in December as the last two we have had have been a huge successes. We also have some new products launching in Autumn/Winter and as always you can expect more of the same fresh, individual, simple styles our customers and following have grown to love over the past two years. We appreciate the love and support and in 2020 we got a lot in store for you, keep your eyes open because NO BHVR is about to level up.”

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