Nows The Time To Build Your Digital Presence: 5 Tips To Create Instagram Worthy Content

Are you a content creator whos finally run out of throwback pics to post on Instagram? Your not alone, being a content creator requires both consistency and quality in order to grow so now is not time to stop posting if you are still able to. Although Instagram may not be the be-all and end during this time, it is also a great platform to build your digital presence, put yourself out there, build a network and create some sort of social media portfolio so people know what you do and where to find you. We may not be able to do holiday beach pictures or cute pictures in cafes and bars holding delicious and aesthetically pleasing chai latte’s or strawberry daiquiri’s but we do have our homes, sunlight, phones and different materials to play with as backgrounds. If anything now is the best time to get online and build your portfolio if you are a content creator or work in the digital world.

One thing to remember is comparison is the thief of joy so just because your friends are posting twice a day and doing Instagram lives doesn’t mean you have to! Productivity shows up in many different ways and not everyone is going to be Instagram savvy nor does everyone have to be, for many people this can be overwhelming, prioritise your mental health and focus on the things that fill you up and make you feel good, this time is hard enough without feeling pressured to constantly be online. Many people use Instagram for work, to promote themselves or post passion projects if this is not your goal and your feeling overwhelmed take a step back from social media it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! 

With that being said here are a few tips to get creative and create some Instagram worthy pictures 

1. Use your home interior 

This is the time to showoff that bedroom decor you’ve been working on. Nothing ruins a great fashion pic than a messy distracting room, so before you get your camera out get the hoover out, hang up your clothes and clear the space so your audiences attention is completely on your look, the colours, the tones, the contrasts and your styling. With this in mind, a few simple picture frames with a quote or simple drawings adds another artistic aesthetically pleasing layer to your pictures, you want to look like your in a luxury hotel even if you’re just in a small shared university house. Keep it authentic , with so much content on the platform you have to find a way to differentiate yourself so your audience knows you bring your personality to the table too. Bring in elements that represent you,  add some beautiful plants ( alive ones preferably) you’re getting ready area, have your guitar in the background, your skincare products, have your tidy wardrobe in the background, your trainers etc . the key is to keep it clean and crisp whatever you decide to go for. 

2 .Try out the sheet shoot

 A really simple way to get a blank canvas is to get a white or coloured bedsheet and hang it up over a window, outside on a tree or anything you have available. This allows you to create simplistic images that can also look really high fashion and artistic as well as allowing you to keep a consistent feed if your someone with a really white and minimalist theme.  To be a little extra drape over some interesting prints, experiment with your scarfs, African prints and textile materials this can give you the inspiration to try out something new and get a little creative. 

3. Blame it on the sunshine 

We can all relate to that moment when your friend is taking a selfie and enthusiastically calls you over because the lighting is just too good to miss. Don’t we all miss that friend  Lighting is the game-changer of all pictures, you can be dressed head to toe in Balmain, have your makeup done by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist and your hair as shiny and gorgeous as Issa Rae’s but if the lighting isn’t there all these elements won’t shine through and you will you end up with a dull, failed selfie. If you’re taking your pictures in your bedroom stand near the window and play around with different angles in search for that perfect lighting If you live in a country anything like the UK you know how the weather fluctuates sometimes the sun is out and sometimes it’s just not don’t force it.  For that amazing selfie wait for golden hour, stick your head out the window and soak in that sunlight, your skin will automatically glow in all the right places. 

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4. You got a friend in your photo timer 

Sick of the same old phone held mirror selfies? If your living alone or don’t particularly fancy bothering your housemates, spouse or family to take your pictures, use the photo timer and prop it up against something. Spend some time experimenting with the background, finding the right lighting,  angles and the height of the camera to get the perfect shot, although this may take a bit longer this is an easy way to achieve more luxury and professional-looking photo without having to continuously bother your housemates. 

5. Filter, edit, post 

Now you’ve taken your pictures, you’re happy with them, its time to tweak them to suit your feed. If your a content creator or hoping during this time to start creating fashion content, it’s important to have a somewhat consistent feed, Instagram can be used just like a website or portfolio site, you’re going to use the same fonts and overall tones throughout the site, this lets people know you consciously making an effort to make your images look more aesthetically pleasing which shows that from a marketing perspective, you’re conscious that presentation matters but also that you also have a personal brand, both these aspects are professional and are important elements needed if you want to work with brands and companies, a simple way to achieve this is to use an editing app that allows you to keep the same filter and adjust it depending on the picture. A popular choice is VSCO, this app allows you to add filters as well as edit your picture brightness, contrast etc.You’re also able to copy and paste the exact same editing and filter onto another picture, this allows you to keep a consistent look throughout all your pictures without painstakingly editing each to suit your entire theme. Another app to use is UNUM, this app allows you to plan out and map your feed so you know exactly what it will look once you have posted. 

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