[@officialaitch] drops new track and ‘Trust Me’ he’s not a one hit wonder

Manchester’s latest breakout star, Aitch, is back with new one ‘Trust Me’

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Aitch has been killing it ever since he dropped ‘Straight Rhymez 1’. That video alone is on over 5.2 million views and his follow-ups have reached over a million views in a relatively short time. ‘Trust Me’ is the anticipated follow-up track after having recently kicked off the latest iteration of the Daily Duppy series with a freestyle that hit a million views in a week.

‘Trust Me’ continues on with the style that has brought Aitch so much success. His flow seems extremely nonchalant but with an apparent swagger almost as if teasing that even when he’s laid back no one can really do better than him. More so than just having a charisma that comes across from a unique and confidently delivered flow, the humour that punctuates Aitch’s lyricism is one of the things that is sure to maintain him as a fan favourite. The often tongue in cheek lyrics permeate the track and the fact he can get a laugh out of you will keep you going back to the song. If that was the only reason why you went back to Aitch though he wouldn’t have reached the level he has, and he definitely wouldn’t be getting a feature here.

On this latest release ‘Trust Me’, we get a tale of women, nights out, and fun with friends. This seems to be Aitch’s niche, he’s not trying to do what most rappers do he’s almost taking an Eminem approach by purposefully avoiding obvious rap tropes. By distancing himself from trying to be seen as a street artist he automatically opens himself up to a wider audience by being relatable and ‘Trust Me’ is a perfect example of this. Whilst this is his first release on label Since ’93 it is undoubtedly only a teaser of what’s to come as this is not even Aitch going as hard as he can.

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