On Our Radar: Bourne ‘Ere We Go’

On Our Radar: Bourne ‘Ere We Go’

With new artists emerging left, right and centre we have decided to create ‘On Our Radar;’ a series where we will routinely put the spotlight on some incredibly talented and criminally underrated artists from around the world.

GENRE: rap

FROM: Nottingham, UK

Nottingham’s Bourne has just two songs in his discography so far and we’re already stans. His new single “Ere We Go” is the second clip in a trilogy of releases directed by French creatives Truman and Cooper. Bourne possesses a flow that acts like a lure as he leads you deeper and deeper into his den of sharp-witted lyricism. Each bar is bound together by an audible inhale while the artist makes his way through the murky beat. Bourne’s previous release “Greezestyle” was a skillfully crafted narrative, detailing stressed-out drug dealing chronicles and odes to the trials of growing up in the Midlands St Ann’s district. His name is appropriate in that it is a reference to Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne character, someone who lived by his own terms, shrouded in mystery and always evading the law.

The two singles are all we have so far from the artist but the attention to detail already feels unsurpassable–it’s clear Bourne isn’t a name to be forgotten. Check out more from the artist below.