Organ Donating within the Black Community: A Conversation With Y-POD [@NHSBT] Featuring Dr Adwoa Danso [@clinicdiaries], [@keziaglobe] and [@kayriley92_]

Earlier this year we facilitated a conversation with Y-POD NHS featuring Dr Adwoa Danso, Akua Kezia and Kemi. The topic of organ donating within the Black community was a provoking one, as the ladies began to unravel the myths and reservations they had identified as prevalent in the community. Dr Danso, Founder of The Clinic Diaries shared the importance of this topic and the need for more organ donation advocates within the community. Author of ‘The Transplant Girl’ Akua having a liver transplant in 2010 herself spoke about the need for increased awareness as an Organ Donation Champion, whilst sharing her own personal experiences. Kemi, Founder of YBTN UK who also champions increasing the awareness of organ donation, shared facts on the topic alongside the potential reasons why organ donation is seen as a taboo within the community.

Check out part one and two of the conversation below..



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